Lobzy or as well Labes

Scenic Village Lobzy can be found in altitude 462m from neighbourhood Oselin it is the lowermost village. It lies in valley south of Oselin where run through stream named Sarka. Name of the Village means "Village of family Lobza". Interesting can be that Labes as it self means perdition or ruin. But this is not luckily the sign for this scenic Village.

Village Lobzy was situated on important land path leading from Prague, Rokycany and old Pilsen (present days Stary Plzenec) which continued to the north over river Mez nad Planou and crossed over imaginary border between Czech Republic and Germany somewhere by Cheb to the direction of German Bamberg.

When exactly the Village was established is not sustainable first written reference is from year 1115 where she was mentioned in the chronicle of Kladrau monastery. Vladislav I., which has except for Lobzy assigned to the monastery as well part of the frontier area between river Mze and Mzice( now has this river name Uhlavka) with nominally given villages. In this document is very important sentence which says in Latin exactly:

„… exceptis duodecim villis, que antiquitus fuerunt ibi constitute, scilicet: Lom, Benessewic, Lobzi, Plezomi, Malcouici, Maleulaz, Chekouici, Skuirino, Bonatici, Naztaremzedle, Dalemisle, Prostoborici.
In English can you translate this text approximately like this: “… with exception of this twelve villages which have been here build in old-time and that: Lom, Benesovice, Lobzy, Plezom, Malkovice, Malovice, Čeckovice, Skvirin, Bonetice, Stare Sedlo, Darmysl, Prostibor“. As this is the first written remark about Lobzy it is needed to take the age of the village from this date that is from the year 1115 even though it is probably, as it is mentioned, that she existed about twenty or thirty years earlier. From the year 1186 was the Village owned by the Kladrau monastery. Kladrau monk have there little courtyard or redemption which they entrusted to small liege and that usually for gueard duty.

Already from year 1458 it is mentioned that in the village was situated monastic redemption as well called archery. Since Kladrau monastery very offen struggled for the golden road with tha alderman of Stribro it happend very offen that the village was pawned. This is how it happend that the village came in to hands of the family Svamberk which had the village as facility of the casle of Svamberk.

First in the year 1630 it was again redeemed by Kladrau monastery. As remark is interesting that from the year 1654 belonged to the village Lorenz archery  which belonged to Lorenz Pflügel and this archery did have eminent domain. As a other remark  is that in year 1654 lance corporal which was direct dependant to the monarch.

Interesting is that Lobzy are approximately from year 1680 till year 1787 they where under church in Holostrevy and after 1787 was under church in Oselin.

From 1.1.1850 was the village under self-government and from the year 1960 was the village Oselins settlement in year 1980 of Svojsin and from year 1990 till today again to Oselin.