Plezom or Stredni Plezom or Mittle Plesau

        About the village Plezom is the first remark from the year 1115 where was she mentioned in the chronicle from monastery in Kladruby. Vladislavem I. which allocated to the monastery as well part of the frontier area between river Mze and Mzice( now has this river name Uhlavka) with nominally given villages. In this document is very important sentence which says in Latin exactly:
„… exceptis duodecim villis, que antiquitus fuerunt ibi constitute, scilicet: Lom, Benessewic, Lobzi,Plezomi, Malcouici, Maleulaz, Chekouici, Skuirino, Bonatici, Naztaremzedle, Dalemisle, Prostoborici.
In English can you translate this text approximately like this: “… with exception of this twelve villages which have been here build in old-time and that: Lom, Benesovice, Lobzy, Plezom, Malkovice, Malovice, Čeckovice, Skvirin, Bonetice, Stare Sedlo, Darmysl, Prostibor“. As this is the first written remark about Plezom it is needed to take the age of the village from this date that is from the year 1115 even though it is probably, as it is mentioned, that she existed about twenty or thirty years earlier. Interesting is that the name Plezom which has more definition. Below you can found some of them which we have found:
  • Slow moving people, creeping
  • Root - pelz-polz – on what slides cultivator or other sliding
  • Reptile, creeping
      From the year 1186 was the village Plezom in possession from the monastery in Kladruby. This domain with yard and redemption was very often pawned to seculars. During the Hussite wars was Plezom dissolute. In the second half of 16 century is the village mentioned as dissolute. So in year 1576 was Plezom attached to Trebalsky estate.
      On its place where than founded three Plezom and that Dolni (Under), Horni (Upper) and Stredni (Middle).

       Stredni Plezom is mentioned from year 1838. Its name are various for exmaple between the year 1869 - 1890 she was called Prostredni Plezomy, in years 1900 - 1910 as Stredni Plezomy, in years 1921 - 1930 as Stredni Plezom and from the second half of 20 century as Plezom.

       Plezom come under Dolni Plezom, so when Dolni Plezom came under Oselin or Svojsin came under automatically Plezom. Now is Plezom under Oselin.